Tomodo gets an upgrade with analytics, code access, and more so developers can mod any website

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Tomodo, a web platform that lets developers and creative people mod anyone’s website, has released an upgrade to its service that it believes will make it easier for anyone to modify any site quicker, faster, and cheaper. As part of this release, users will find that the dashboard environment has been redone, new analytics have been added, along with other features.

Started by Oren Bazilai and Oded Golan, Tomodo enables anyone to create modified websites of anything on the web. The company explains that currently, websites not controlled by the user can only be modified through the use of browser plug-ins. However, when Tomodo gets involved, it functions as a real-time proxy server that will host the modified site and provide a new web address for others to see — all managed by Tomodo.

Here are the latest updates available on Tomodo today:

  • Integrated Development Environment – Brand new, easy to use IDE
  • Analytics Dashboard – Track Mod analytics in real time
  • Access Source Code – Access the source code of other mods directly from TOMODO’s mod page
  • Mods Gallery – Open the most popular mods created by the community, share feedback and read reviews
  • Modder Profile Page- Add a user picture and personal profile

Here’s an example of Tomodo at work, especially in light of Apple’s upcoming announcement this week:

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 5.55.33 PM

Okay, I know what you might be thinking — this is a creepy way to allow anyone to violate creative design, copyrights, and potential user security. For those sites that don’t want to run the risk of being “modded”, Tomodo says that a simple .txt file installed on a server will prevent developers from lifting websites.

With respect to privacy, Bazilai said in a statement:

Because users are able to modify password protected sites like Facebook and Twitter, we take every step towards keeping that data 100% protected. None of that information is stored in our systems, and we review all new mods to make sure they’re safe to use.

This is supposedly going to make things better, but if you look at the company’s FAQ page, there’s a specific question that reads “Do I need the original website’s cooperation or code integration?” The answer to this question is “no”. What this means is that I can take TNW’s website and make modifications to it without needing to ask for permission from the administrators.

However, one important thing to note is that Tomodo does not affect the content, but rather the design, giving you the ability to make markups to a site to show what it could look like.

Since its launch in April, Tomodo has signed up more than 4,000 developers and is attracting 50 more each day.

Photo credit: Patrick Lux/Getty Images

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