Netflix is rolling out ‘Profiles’, bringing personalized recommendations to people sharing an account

Netflix is rolling out ‘Profiles’, bringing personalized recommendations to people sharing ...

Netflix has started rolling out individual user ‘Profiles’ today, delivering on a promise made in mid-June.

The new feature allows each user in a family that shares the same account to have their own profile that will show personalized recommendations based on their watching habits specifically, rather than those of the whole family, using the existing recommendation engine.

Each account can have up to five profiles included at no extra monthly cost, Netflix confirmed. Not all of these have to be for a single person, though, you could, for example, create a Profile for specific combinations of people watching, say, your two kids.

“Now everyone in your home can have their own Netflix experience, built around the TV shows and movies they enjoy. No longer will your Netflix suggestions be mixed up with those of your kids, a significant other, roommates, or house guests,” Netflix Chief Product Officer, Neil Hunt, said.

The feature also allows each Profile to have a separate Facebook account linked to it, which will draw in information from friends’ to provide yet more suggestions for things to watch.

The feature is set to gradually be introduced from today to all areas where Netflix is available and should be available to all Netflix customers within two weeks.

Check out the video below for a quick overview of the Profiles in action.

Although a simple feature, it’s one that’s likely to be welcomed by Netflix users that share an account with family or friends. It’s always embarrassing to see that cringe-inducing programme pop-up as your ‘last watched’ when you have company. It’s also a good way of segmenting shows suitable for children from those that are only suitable for adults and allowing them to get their own recommendations.

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