GetGlue partners with Gnip to sell its second-screen entertainment data

GetGlue partners with Gnip to sell its second-screen entertainment data

Second-screen check-in platform GetGlue has teamed up with social data reseller Gnip. What this means is that Gnip is the distributor of GetGlue’s firehose of publicly available data, which gives it a rather broad view of social data around viewing habits for television shows, movies, and sports.

The addition of GetGlue adds to Gnip’s arsenal of popular social networks that have been opening up their data to be resold to developers and third-parties. In May, it announced a partnership with Foursquare for its real-time check-in data. Other sources include Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, StockTwits, Estimize, and Disqus.

Gnip’s CEO Chris Moody says: “At Gnip, we want to be the source for all public conversations happening online…GetGlue provides a rich new source of information that will be incredibly valuable to networks, producers, advertisers and movie studios.”

GetGlue has emerged as a formidable tool in the entertainment space. It counts more than 4 million users and a monthly social reach of over 100 million unique users. Just like how people would check-in to a venue on Foursquare, they would do the same thing when they’re watching a TV or movie show. And the company is working with studios to enhance its offering.

Gnip is not the only reseller in the marketplace as it is competing for users and sources from DataSift and Splunk. This Boulder-based company serves a wide range of industries, from social media monitoring to finance and government and claims to deliver more than 120 billion “realtime social data activities each month”.

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