Point.io launches a Parse-like platform for document collaboration services in the enterprise space

Point.io launches a Parse-like platform for document collaboration services in the enterprise space

Point.io has launched its enterprise back-end as a service (BaaS) platform focused on document management, sharing, and collaboration. Leveraging a Parse-like environment, developers can build applications that can integrate with cloud services like Dropbox, Box, and Hightail both externally and behind the firewall.

Company CEO Ron Rock tells us that Point.io’s product will allow companies to build mobile apps that will work with all “unstructured data” (e.g. files, images, videos, etc.) in a “secure and compliant way” without  requiring storage in other locations.

Rock says that while PaaS services are dealing with front-end development, his company is targeting the data behind the firewall, which he estimates a majority is unstructured data and companies want to have access to it easily on their mobile devices.

In speaking with the company, one example of this is if you’re in the healthcare or financial industry where you’re dealing with sensitive information — data that cannot be simply passed along from computer-to-computer nonchalantly. Employees are interested in having access to data wherever they are and simply requiring that it be done from a computer in the workplace could potentially be time-consuming and less productive.

With Point.io, developers can build applications and, using the company’s RESTful API, tap into the service, which has already been integrated to work behind the firewall, and give access to the data. It’s not competing against Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, Amazon Web Services, ShareDrive, Google Docs, or the like, but working with these products. Each file will remain stored in the firewall, not on the local machine. The company claims it will be secure and adhere to all compliance regulations.

Usage of the company’s API and enterprise platform is free to use and integrated with third-party apps. However, for those that want to leverage its Gateway and enterprise connections, this can be used for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.

In addition to its platform launch, Point.io is unveiling a two new partnerships. The first is with Stratospherix, a UK-based developer of enterprise mobile applications. It’s iOS app, FileBrowser, will utilize Point.io’s technology, reaching 600,000 users across 70 countries. The other is with TheHostingPros, which is offering a free Sharepoint site when a Point.io account is setup.

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