Homejoy takes its on-demand cleaning service to Canada, its first international destination

Homejoy takes its on-demand cleaning service to Canada, its first international destination

Today Homejoy announced that it is expanding to Canada, its first international jaunt. Homejoy is an on-demand home cleaning service that embodies a new wave of companies that bring subscription and per-use offerings to consumer in need of simple, functional services to lower their daily friction.

Toronto, if you hate swiffer pads and are unsure on dusting, Homejoy is landing in your hood.

The company cites strong demand outside of the United States as key to its choice to broach borders. As Instacart works to leave its locational confines, and Uber and Lyft expand across the country – and internationally in the case of Uber – Homejoy is joining a cohort of companies that have proven their model domestically and then made the trip across drawn borders.

Toronto, the first Homejoy city in Canada, sports north of two million citizens. It’s the largest city in Canada, making it an obvious choice for the growing startup. Founded in 2012, Homejoy currently operates in several dozen United States cities. Canada is a nearby new market for the company given the tight economic and political ties that the two nations share.

Canada, not China, is the United States’ largest trading partner.

The company claims larger plans to reach other extra-United States locales. It’s not fantastically hard to guess where the company might expand next; where Uber has found new home, so too might Homejoy enjoy fresh residence.

The company provides scheduled home cleaning to clients around the Untied States, through its partner cleaners – not employees, of course, due to certain laws that remain extant in its initial market.

Recently, Homejoy added a corporate-focused offer that allows companies to offer its services to their workers. For firms that demand heavy hours of their workers, offering a service such as Homejoy to help alleviate their domestic needs can help them better balance their work and life balance; you can’t have it all, no one does, but at least you can work north of 60 hours weekly and have a clean bathroom at the same time.

Homejoy is kicking off its Canadian invasion in downtown Toronto. It will, according to the firm, expand to “Mississauga to Scarborough.” If that is your branch of landscape, hold fast.

The firm has grown fantastically in the past year. This addition of a fresh country will allow the company to continue its rapid expansion. London, you likely won’t have too long to wait.

Top Image Credit: Robin Zebrowski

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