Box of Awesome creator SuperAwesome launches (awesome?) mobile ad network targeting UK kids

Box of Awesome creator SuperAwesome launches (awesome?) mobile ad network targeting UK kids

SuperAwesome, the UK-based startup behind the hit Box of Awesome and Box of OMG subscription services for kids, has today launched a mobile ad network aimed at content creators that want to target British children aged between 8 and 16.

The idea behind the platform is that, based on the company’s own research finding that 55% of UK children in the target age group have smartphones, ads could provide an alternative to the often controversial option of monetizing kids’ content via in-app purchases. The Kids Mobile Network is being pitched as an alternative that puts “safety and sustainability” first.

The safety side of things comes from the panel of parents that is used in order to select clients and partners that will be appropriate to work with given the sensitive audience the network targets. “When we talk about sustainability,” says SuperAwesome’s CEO Dylan Collins, “we mean the simple fact that kids content providers have to be able to generate revenue, otherwise the entire sector will simply die. Kids content historically has always been supported by advertising and/or licensing and merchandising. Our intent is to create an acceptable advertising platform for content creators and parents alike.”

This isn’t SuperAwesome’s first play in the ad network market, it already runs another, called simply the Kids Network. How does the new offering differ apart from being focused on mobile devices? “Philosophically it’s based on the same principles but it’s quite different in terms of how we work with clients,” says Collins. “Because mobile has seen such an explosion of new content we’re getting a chance to work with smaller, more niche companies as partners, which isn’t always the case on our main network due to its sheer scale.  ”

Although it’s being officially launched today, Kids Mobile Network already has more than twenty companies signed up, include some big game developers. Any companies interested in working with the network can email: adam (at) superawesome dot tv.

We previously covered SuperAwesome when it announced that it would send Fake Grimlock’s ‘Book of Awesome’ to Box of Awesome subscribers.

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