Swipp’s new email insights widget helps gauge customer sentiment right from the inbox

Swipp’s new email insights widget helps gauge customer sentiment right from the inbox

Swipp, a social intelligence platform for businesses, today released a new product offering for the inbox. Users can embed a widget right into the body of their email to help gauge reaction and sentiment.

Akin to the scale at the bottom of an answer on an FAQ where it asks “Was this answer helpful?“, Swipp looks to bring that same type of mechanics to email. The company touts that by doing so, it will bring a whole new level of engagement, insights, and customer satisfaction to a business’s marketing strategy.

Users who wish to embed this into their email campaigns can go to Swipp’s website to get started. Define the term or question that you’d like to gauge reaction to and then insert it into your creative. To do this, Swipp says there are four steps:


  1. Select all the elements in the widget with your mouse
  2. Copy the widget(Ctrl+C on PC or command+C on Mac)
  3. Open your e-mail composer
  4. Paste the widget inside(Ctrl+V on PC or command+V on Mac)

Swipp says that its widget will work not only on most email clients, but also CRM and ticket tracking systems, including Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Thunderbird, Zendesk, Salesforce, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and others. Users on mobile devices will find that the widget is also optimized for use on the small screen.


Naturally, all reactions inputted will be measured through Swipp’s dashboard, almost like it’s Google Analytics for sentiment. It will track topic responses over time, the map of where reaction came from, the average Swipp score, and more.

It will be fascinating to see which companies leverage this technology. After all, you might be able to track people’s thoughts as it pertains to a particular clothing item, news topic, or product announcement.

Today’s move comes just several months after Swipp started to appeal itself more to publishers. In April, it launched Swipp Plus, a business and publisher tool that turns a website, blog or campaign into a social conversation.

Swipp has raised a total of $5.5 million in funding from Old Willow Partners.

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