Many LinkedIn users are currently unable to share links or status updates, but a fix is on the way

Many LinkedIn users are currently unable to share links or status updates, but a fix is on the way

LinkedIn users are having trouble posting status updates, with or without links. Clicking the share button doesn’t even spit out an error: it just doesn’t work.

“You click share and nothing happens,” TNW Community Director Matt Navarra told me. “No flicker, no image, no error message. It’s like it’s a dummy button.”

It’s not just the share button that is broken, however, as sharing doesn’t seem to work from third-party applications either. Here’s what happens when you try to share from HootSuite:

Screenshot on 2013-07-03 at 15.26.52

A search on Twitter shows many users are having the problem. The earliest report of the issue we could find was over three hours ago.

A support question has already been posted on the Linked Community forum and has received over 20 responses from users confirming they are experiencing the same. Many are trying different combinations of operating systems and browsers to no avail.

Moderator Derek Homann has, however, noted that LinkedIn is aware of the problem and is working on a solution:

Hi everyone,

I posted this on another thread about an hour ago as well, but we are aware of the issue. We have our engineering team working on it as we speak and hope to have it resolved soon so hang tight! I’ll update this thread when we verified it is working again. Thanks!

It’s not clear how many are affected by this: whether it is everyone or a subset of LinkedIn’s 200 million users. The good news is that a fix is incoming, however, so all we have to do is sit tight and wait.

We have contacted LinkedIn for more information. We will update this article if and when we hear back.

Update at 11:50 AM EST: “Yes, we are aware of the issue and the team is currently working on a fix,” a LinkedIn spokesperson told TNW. “We hope to have it resolved shortly.”

Update at 12:00 PM EST: The issue has been fixed.

Top Image Credit: mariosundar / Flickr

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