WikiLeaks and Assange lawyer decides not to represent Snowden, claims his “whereabouts are unknown”

WikiLeaks and Assange lawyer decides not to represent Snowden, claims his “whereabouts are unknown” ...

Baltasar Garzón, the lawyer who represents both WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, has released a new statement claiming that his firm, ILOCAD, “has decided not to represent” PRISM whistleblower Edward Snowden. Most interestingly, however, is Garzón’s claim that Snowden’s “whereabouts are unknown.”

Last we heard, as of earlier today, Snowden was still in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport.

Garzón’s decision directly contrasts recent events, in which WikiLeaks had taken Snowden under its wing, and even assisted Snowden as he exited Hong Kong. In the announcement, Garzón states he will continue representing both WikiLeaks and Assange; it’s unclear if Assange will play a role in Snowden’s case any further.

Further complicating the situation, earlier today WikiLeaks stated that its own Sarah Harrison — who works directly with Garzón — was still “escorting him at all times.”

Writing on the official WikiLeaks site, Garzón referenced a recent “draft resolution by the Committee Legal Affairs and Human Rights of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly [SIC],” which he indicated was written in both WikiLeaks’ and Snowden’s interest. Beyond that, it appears WikiLeaks is looking to distance itself from Snowden entirely — at least in the public eye.

This news follows Snowden’s move to exit Hong Kong for Moscow, en-route to Ecuador. Last we heard, a decision from Ecuador to grant Snowden asylum could take months. As of six hours ago, WikiLeaks shared that Venezuelan President Maduro has publicly invited Edward Snowden to apply for asylum.

This is a developing story; we’ll update this post as news surfaces.

Image credit: AFP / Getty Images / PHILIPPE LOPEZ

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