Netflix announces it will launch in the Netherlands in late 2013

Netflix announces it will launch in the Netherlands in late 2013

Netflix, the massive film and television streaming service, has announced that it will launch in the Netherlands later this year.

The move will bring the service’s catalogue of entertainment from Hollywood to users in the country, where it will be be available on phones, tablets, TVs, consoles, and computers — as standard.

The expansion into Netherlands marks Netflix’s continued progress in launching in more European countries. Last October, it jumped into Sweden, promising that launches in other countries nearby would follow.

Netflix has already opened a new website for the service in the Netherlands, Users can go there and sign up to receive emails updating them on the upcoming launch.

For now, there are no details on the price of the service in the Netherlands nor do we have an exact launch date — but that’s all par for the course when Netflix announces new country expansions.

Netflix currently has over 36 million subscribers in 40 countries. The platform is outgrowing its original reputation as a merely content distributor as it releases its own shows, such as “House of Cards.”

Headline image via jcestnik/Flickr

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