Personalized video platform startup Idomoo lands $9m in a round led by Marker

Personalized video platform startup Idomoo lands $9m in a round led by Marker

Israeli startup Idomoo has raised $9 million in funding in a round led by New York-based investment firm Marker. The cash will be used to bolster its cloud-based software platform, which enables companies to create personalized videos and improve customer interactions.

Idomoo’s solution, which it dubs a “personalized video as a service” platform, lets corporate clients rapidly generate a ton of personalized videos for individual customers based on their personal details.

(Insert joke about this product being right up the NSA’s alley)

Idomoo’s platform is being used by companies such as TIM Cellular in Brazil, Portugal Telecom and Generali, the global insurance company, to communicate essential information to their customers.

Founded in 2008, the company claims to have served tens of millions of automatically created, customized videos in 16 different languages to date. Idomoo’s eager to serve even more, of course.

Aside from enhancing the software, Idomoo co-founder Yaron Kalish in a statement says the proceeds of the financing round will also go to the expansion of the company’s operations in North America, South America and Europe. Kalish notes:

The development of a personalized video communication strategy is a must-have for companies that recognize the direct impact brand loyalty and personalization have on revenue.

As soon as companies allow Personalized Video to demonstrate a rapid return they start to enjoy the additional benefits of delivering a moment of “Wow” every time they talk to their customers.

Marker portfolio manager Ohad Finkelstein will join Idomoo’s board in connection to the funding round.

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