Reddit debuts new benefits subreddit for gold members, partners with Backblaze, Goldbely, Uniqlo, and more

Reddit debuts new benefits subreddit for gold members, partners with Backblaze, Goldbely, Uniqlo, and ...

Reddit today introduced a new Benefits subreddit for Gold members, as part of the company’s plan to offer them not just new features early, but to expand into the territory of offsite deals. The company says it handpicks the best ones, but it will still continue to rely heavily on feedback from the community.

The new section is the best way to keep track of all the latest and greatest features, partners, suggestions, and discussions in regards to Reddit’s Gold membership. Admins and Gold members alike can create posts and comment on existing topics, but the subreddit is actually open to all users: they can subscribe or just check out “what’s new and cool” with the service.

Reddit highlighted the following recently-added offers:

  • Backblaze – 3 months of unlimited backup and cloud storage.
  • Urbilis – $10 off any $50+ purchase. Elegant gardening solutions, and some radical obscure stuff, too.
  • Empire Mayo – 15 percent off all purchases. This is mayonnaise fit for the royalty of Reddit gold.
  • Goldbely – $20 off any $50+ purchase. Goldbely is all about sending legendary local gourmet food straight to your door.
  • Uniqlo – Once a week, a randomly-selected Reddit gold member will receive a private message (so keep an eye on your Reddit mailbox) in the form of a “Golden Tikkit.” That user will have 24 hours to claim their free prize. This week, Uniqlo is offering a small token of their appreciation to one lucky goldie, but nobody will what it is until that person gets it.

In short, this is Reddit’s way of expanding how it monetizes its service. By offering more and more perks for its Gold membership, and actually creating a section centered solely on them for all to see, the company is making a great marketing move.

“Our main goal is to give our honored gold members some extra, but completely optional stuff,” Reddit says. We disagree. That’s only part of it. The main goal is to get more and more users to subscribe, so the company can rely on ads less and less.

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Top Image Credit: John St. Pierre

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