Politix, Topix’s politics-focused site, adds PopVox and news site TheBlaze as content partners

Politix, Topix’s politics-focused site, adds PopVox and news site TheBlaze as content partners

Topix, a local forum site, is adding two new partnerships today to its political news and discussion site Politix. The move will see the company deliver more rounded coverage to help users not only share their thoughts, but get a more complete picture of political issues that affect the world today.

Politix has teamed up with TheBlaze and PopVox. The former happens to be conservative host Glenn Beck’s news, information, and opinion network while the latter is a nonpartisan advocacy platform that looks at real-time legislative data and combines it with personal stories and sentiment optimized for Congress.

Beyond just syndicating content, TheBlaze will contribute exclusive stories to the Politix readers.

The site’s editor-in-chief David Mark says Topix is committed to making Politix the “go-to destination for politically passionate citizens, regardless of whether their views are right, left, or center.” Furthermore, the service is intended to not only inform, but also to provide a platform for users to voice their opinions and engage with others.

Politix began a little more than a year ago as a home for your political profile online. Users can search through stories, participate in virtual debates, quizzes, and more and share their thoughts — it’s almost akin to Quora with a political twist.

The company says that the political site has seen more than 4 million unique visitors in just the past six months. It has brought on board a small editorial team, which has been responsible for posting over 5,000 articles.

Partnering with TheBlaze and PopVox should bring in more traffic to the site, especially with content from anything related to Beck would certainly appeal to a wider audience. With the participation of an engagement service like PopVox, users are empowered to not only leave their opinion, but be provided a way to express it directly to their government representative.

Photo credit: Stefan Zaklin/Getty Images

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