With 70% of new signups becoming active users, Feedly details its coming feature roadmap

With 70% of new signups becoming active users, Feedly details its coming feature roadmap

RSS reader Feedly has revealed usage statistics about its growth over the past six month and where it will go in the future. With one month until Google Reader is set to shut down, Feedly has gained more traction. It tells us that it’s seeing a 4 percent week-over-week growth since September 2012 and that 70 percent of all its first time users are converting into active users.

In no way is Feedly a new service — it’s been around even before 2011, but people are looking for a suitable replacement where they could import all of their RSS feeds into now that Google Reader is no more. Just 48 hours after the news, Feedly shared that it had picked up 500,000 new users.

The company touts a vocal community and its team as the reason for its success and that it listens to the feedback. It has set up a UserVoice site to catalog feedback and claims that 3,500 ideas have been submitted. People appear to be passionate about their RSS reader.

So what lies ahead for Feedly? It says that there are six features currently on its roadmap:

  1. Improved mobile and desktop load times
  2. Ability to search from within Feedly
  3. Providing what it calls “pure Web access”
  4. Development of a Windows Phone and Windows 8 app
  5. Improved group sharing
  6. Implementing bug fixes

In addition, Feedly looks to recreate the ecosystem of apps experience that it claims users were fond of with Google Reader. The company says that through its Normandy project (a clone of Google Reader’s API), it has been working with developers from Reeder, Press, Nextgen Reader, Newsify, and gReader to help promote the ecosystem.

Of course, Feedly isn’t the only game in town as there are others that have dived in to swoop up much of Google Reader’s market share, including Zite, Flipboard, Netvibes, and Theoldreader.com.

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