GitHub suffers ‘major outage’ taking website offline, API also affected (Update: Back online)

GitHub suffers ‘major outage’ taking website offline, API also affected (Update: Back online) ...

GitHub is currently battling through a “major service outage” that appears to have been caused by its database server. At time of writing, the site itself is down (hello unicorn!), while the service’s status page shows that the API is also “experiencing problems”.

Update: is now loading fine (UTC 15:15). Service is fully recovered (UTC 15:30)

The issues began around 14:00 UTC (an hour ago at time of writing), though the company says it restored access to repositories over git/ssh/https and is working to make the site itself stable and address other issues.


While the status page below says the website is up and running again, TNW was unable to access it. But we’ll keep trying.

The rest of the service is working fine again, following earlier issues, and, with the GitHub team acknowledging the issue and working towards fixing it, those reliant on the site will hopefully not have too much longer to wait until all is back to normal.


Kudos to the folks at GitHub for their usual transparency and swift response to issues that are affecting the service. This year has been relatively smooth for the site, which suffered three significant outages during the tail end of 2012.

Keep an eye on @githubstatus and the status page for more details.

GitHub is a poster child for lean, bootstrapped startups but — in response to its immense popularity and success among the coding community — the company finally raised funding last July, when it took a mammoth $100 million round from Andreessen Horowitz. The deal was also notable for being the VC firm’s largest investment to date.

CEO Tom Preston-Werner said the funds were for hiring new staff and expanding the service with support for new features and other platforms, such as mobile.

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