Vigour raises $650,000 to help users experience apps fluidly across multiple screens

Vigour raises $650,000 to help users experience apps fluidly across multiple screens

After participating in Startupbootcamp Berlin, startup is today announcing that it has raised 500,000 euros (just south of $650,000) in seed funding from Deutsche Telekom’s accelerator, hub:raum, with Dutch VC fund Linden Mobile Ventures chipping in for the round.

The fledgling Amsterdam, Netherlands-based company enables apps to run across a multitude of decices, converging their respective user interfaces into a single, fluid experience over the cloud.

There’s no better way to explain what that means in practice than to simply show you a demo video of the technology in action:

Vigour co-founder and CEO Ramon Duivenvoorden, who started the company with Jim de Beer and Marcus Besjes (pictured below) last year, calls this ‘interface convergence’.

The startup will launch a product based on its technology, dubbed Vigour Video, essentially a white-labelled template for media companies that want to give their audience the ability to connect different devices and make for a unified video experience.

As a user, you’ll be able to use your mobile device of choice to swipe through video content, while additional information is instantly displayed on a bigger screen.

Once you find a video you want to watch, you can use the mobile device to serve as a remote control, or to browse for more video content.

Screenshot Vigour Video

Cok Mudde, partner at Linden Mobile Ventures, says Vigour has the “creativity and perseverance to become a truly disruptive force in the multiscreen technology market”.

The investor group mentioned above is joined by DG-i, a German IT company that will provide “strategic benefits and technical expertise” to Vigour during the roll-out of its first products.

Another early investor in the company is Hampus Jakobsson, co-founder of The Astonishing Tribe (now part of BlackBerry).

Here’s a picture of the founding team:

Founding Team

Top image credit: Thinkstock

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