Jawfish Games unveils its cross-platform, multiplayer service, now on its ‘Poker’ and ‘Words’ games

Jawfish Games unveils its cross-platform, multiplayer service, now on its ‘Poker’ and ‘Words’ ...

Jawfish Games, a social gaming company, has launched its new real-time, multiplayer tournament service that will work across all platforms. With it, gamers can compete against their friends and even total strangers on iOS, Android, and the Web. The service will launch with two of the company’s top games: Jawfish Poker and Jawfish Words.

Recipient of the Best Consumer 2.0 award from the recent LAUNCH Festival, Jawfish Games seeks to make online gaming much more competitive. It was at the conference where the company debuted its platform and the two games that supported it.

Starting with Jawfish Poker, in tournament mode, gamers are will play in against one another in a virtual room just like you would expect when watching The World Series of Poker

Additionally, Jawfish Words is also available for gamers to play in a game that one might not think would be that competitive: word searching. The company says that players can compete to accomplish one of three objectives. The game was available initially on the Amazon Kindle through Jawfish Games’ exclusive partnership with Amazon. Next month, the game is going to arrive on iOS and Android devices, as well as Facebook.

Jawfish Games bills its platform as being scalable, built for mobile, able to support tournaments, and works not only on iOS devices, but also Facebook — at the same time.

There have certainly been games that allow users to play against each other like Words With Friends or Candy Crush Saga, but Jawfish Games looks to evolve that model and bring in the spirit of competition into social gaming. It is unfortunate that the company only has two games currently supporting this model, but its CEO Phil Gordon, says that more real-time offerings are “coming out of our studios at a blistering pace.”

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