Runscope raises $1.1m to help developers that rely on 3rd-party APIs

Runscope raises $1.1m to help developers that rely on 3rd-party APIs

Runscope, a startup founded by former IFTTT and Twilio engineer John Sheehan, has raised $1.1M and is launching a suite of tools that help developers who rely on third-party APIs.

For app developers, third-party APIs can make process of building a service significantly easier, because they let you build atop foundations created by other companies. For example, if you’re looking to build a photo sharing service, it might be more efficient to rely on Aviary’s photo editing API; in that case, the editing interface is already built. This way, developers can focus on actually building something new instead of reinventing the wheel continuously.

Currently, there are tons of tools out there for API providers, like Aviary and Twilio, but Sheehan believes that there has yet to be a perfect solution for developers rely on these APIs. This is where Runscope comes in: as of today, the startup is debuting a suite of tools which let you monitor API traffic, debug problems and perform automated integration testing.

More specifically, Runscope now offers a “Traffic Inspector” which lets developers “inspect any HTTP API call with complete request and response data;” a “Powerful Request Editor,” which lets developers test API calls without writing code; and Request Sharing, which lets developers link to their requests.

So far, Runscope has already begun using its funds to build out its initial team. Sheehan tells us Runscope also plans to use its fresh capital on community outreach efforts. Additionally, the company has set aside time to contribute to various open source projects that inspired the company to “put together a more integrated solution” for developers, including localtunnel.

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