3 hot deals to redeem right now on TNW Market

3 hot deals to redeem right now on TNW Market

TNW Market is a way for you, our beloved readers, to claim money-saving deals on things you’ll really want.

We thought it would be worthwhile highlighting three of the hottest deals on the Market right now. Don’t forget to check out all the deals available right now by browsing the full market listings. If you’re a tech or media company and want to give our readers a special offer, you can do so by signing up.

Design contest with a free Power Pack (value $99)

by 99designs

99designs“If you launch a design contest during the month of May, we’ll give it a big boost with a FREE Power Pack Upgrade ($99 value). We’ll bump your contest to the top of our list (for the package you’ve chosen), make it stand out with bold text, and promote it on our popular designer blog. You’ll attract more of our best designers and receive dozens of extra concepts to choose from.”

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Privacy Policy Agreement. Any site. Save Big, Pay Only $9.99.

by TermsFeed

Termsfeed“Attorney-quality legal document, drafted by Chicago-based lawyer. Instant download with HTML tags added. A privacy policy is a legal statement that specifies what business (or site) does with the personal data collected from users.”

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Apoio: Simplified customer support for small teams – 20% off first 6 months

by Apoio

Apoio“Your team will love this simple inbox. Apoio is a simple and easy to use helpdesk for small teams. Try Apoio 30 days for free. After your trial period, you’ll get 20% off the first 6 months!”

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