On-demand personal assistant startup WunWun launches branded delivery for NYC businesses

On-demand personal assistant startup WunWun launches branded delivery for NYC businesses

WunWun, a New York-based startup which makes you feel like you have your own personal assistant, is diving head-first into the B2B space with branded deliveries.

We first discovered WunWun back in February, and at the time we praised the service for bringing an Uber-esque approach to a seemingly unlimited range of services. Named WunWun because it offers what you need, when you need it, we found the startup comparable to services like TaskRabbit, but instead of posting your needs and waiting for someone to bid, WunWun’s own staff helps you immediately. Think everything from picking up food from a restaurant that doesn’t deliver to waiting in line for you when the next iPhone comes out.

CEO Lee Hnetinka tells us that WunWun’s enterprise play, named Power, is still in its early stages, but today the company is announcing its first public partnership: Anthony, a men’s cosmetic company. A number of other partnerships are apparently in development as well, where each brand pays a set amount per month for a fixed number of deliveries. For WunWun, this milestone means it has secured consistent revenue. For brands, it means they can offer customers immediate deliveries across New York, complete with custom attire.


For existing users of WunWun, don’t fear; the startup’s consumer-facing services aren’t going away by any means. According to Hnetinka, this move means you’ll see both deliveries “by WunWun” and “powered by WunWun.” Hnetinka says his dream isn’t to build an errand-running service, but to “make everything on-demand.”

For stores, Hnetinka believes immediate delivery will soon just be an expectation amongst consumers, and that WunWun’s move into this space means local businesses won’t need to worry about the logistics of deliveries. Hnetinka asks “if Amazon offer same day delivery for online retailers, what do local businesses do?”

This launch aside, WunWun has grown quite a bit since we last covered it. For one, the core team has expanded with a new operations manager and additional developers. As for WunWun’s “Helpers,” the folks actually providing the service, the company launched with just 12 and has since grown to over 100.

Right now, WunWun is only available on the iPhone in New York City. Check it out via the link below.

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