Confirmed: Nokia gives us a glimpse of the Lumia 928 through a new teaser site

Confirmed: Nokia gives us a glimpse of the Lumia 928 through a new teaser site

Nokia has released a teaser site for its upcoming Lumia 928 flagship smartphone running on the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system.

The webpage, spotted by Engadget, contains only a single image which doesn’t confirm the name of the device – although it can be seen in the URL – or any of its hardware specifications. A tagline along the bottom reads “capture the highlights”, which suggests a focus by Nokia on the camera’s presumably robust low-light performance.

The new smartphone features prominently in the centre of the image, but it’s hard to work out exactly what the device will look like. It appears to have a metallic finish, suggesting a departure from the bright CMYK color-scheme adopted by previous Lumia and Asha devices. The traditional back, home and search keys can also be seen clearly along the bottom of the device.


Worth noting is also the size of the handset in relation to the user’s palm and fingers, shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. The trend in flagship Android smartphones has been increasingly to use larger 1080p displays, but this new Lumia device looks considerably smaller – somewhere closer to the 4.5-inch screen found on the Lumia 920.

Nokia is yet to confirm an official release date or any sort of pricing for the Lumia 928, but it won’t be far away. Windows Phone 8 is about to receive a new flagship device, but only time will tell if it’s compelling enough to rip consumers away from iOS or Android.

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