TripAdvisor taps TomTom’s geocoding tech to bring pinpoint location data to 200M users

TripAdvisor taps TomTom’s geocoding tech to bring pinpoint location data to 200M users

Online travel behemoth TripAdvisor is to license TomTom’s global geocoder services to bring pinpoint accuracy to its location-based applications.

Just to recap, geocoding is essentially the process of identifying the geographic coordinates, e.g. longitude and latitude, from real-life geographic data, including postal codes and street addresses. Indeed, while post codes are usually accurate enough for finding one’s way from A to B, they often don’t lead to the exact desired location.

For TripAdvisor’s 200M+ monthly visitors, this deal means they stand a better chance of finding the exact location of every hotel, bar or restaurant when writing reviews, or researching a venue they wish to visit themselves.

So, rather than using a postcode to display a location, all addresses on TripAdvisor will be automatically converted into exact coordinates, which in theory should make places easier to find.

“We believe it is important that all users are able to access the most accurate location-data for the reviews they are posting or reading,” says Nathan Clapton, Vice President mobile partnerships, TripAdvisor.

“By working with TomTom’s Global Geocoding Services, we are confident that this is the case and the location-based data offered via the TripAdvisor site can therefore be fully relied upon by our users,” he continues.

TomTom deals

Founded in 1991, TomTom provides navigation and location-based products and services, including maps, traffic information and navigation technology. It also designs and manufactures its own location-based products and GPS-enabled sports watches, and it’s flirting with the burgeoning taxi-hailing app space.

Earlier this year, TomTom netted another major partner when it inked a mobile mapping deal with Intel-owned Telmap. And having online travel giant TripAdvisor on board will help the Dutch company continue its growth, having lost pace in the GPS travel space to the likes of Google Maps.

Headquartered in Amsterdam, TomTom has 3,500 employees worldwide and sells its products in over 35 countries.

TripAdvisor operates in 30 countries worldwide, including China under the DaoDao brand. Now, next time you boot up TripAdvisor to find your way to the nearest nightclub, you stand a better chance of boogieing rather than ending up in the local bingo hall.

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