launches to help startups close the gap between New York and London launches to help startups close the gap between New York and London

Launching with the vision of creating “a richer and more connected ecosystem between New York and London,” is treading unknown waters in the global tech scene: it’s an audience development studio that helps tech startups grow internationally.

With partners like Fueled and Makeshift, the company operates somewhere in-between an international network of startups and a traditional marketing consultancy, providing different services depending on what its startups need to make their international transition easier. Everything from social media and product marketing to network and business development comes into play.’s founder, Courtney Boyd Myers, makes this initiative particularly interesting. Myers formerly worked as an editor at TNW in New York, and has since helped launch General Assembly in London. Myers also co-created 3460Miles, a bi-monthly newsletter highlighting companies in both the NY and London tech scenes. is her reaction to seeing companies struggle while launching abroad, from NY to the UK and vice versa.

The studio has received investments from Takeout, and is also partnering with Astrsk, which we previously described as a no-BS agency created to help young startups navigate PR’s murky waters.

According to Myers, “ would cost as much as sending your marketing guy to London, but we actually know how to launch a company in London.” That expertise is noteworthy, but it’s also worth considering how valuable’s network of clients could become. That’s what makes worth keeping an eye on.


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