Wavii confirms Google acquisition, waves goodbye to its news summarization app

Wavii confirms Google acquisition, waves goodbye to its news summarization app

News summarization app Wavii has been acquired by Google, following rumors of a deal worth over $30 million earlier this week.

The company updated its website today with a note confirming the deal and a reconfigured Wavii logo decked out in Google’s classic blue, red, yellow and green colors.

A short note from CEO Adrian Aoun explains that the Wavii service will be closed following the deal.

“You probably know us best for our app that takes the deluge of information streaming across the web and condenses it into fast, fun updates,” he said. “While we won’t continue to offer this particular service, we’ll be using our natural language research at Google in ways that may be useful to millions of people around the world.”

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We last covered Wavii in November last year when it launched version 2.0 of its iOS app. The personalized new service had been given a complete makeover with smoother navigation and a greater focus on interaction with other users and sharing to other social networks.

It’s unclear whether Wavii’s expertise in news aggregation and natural langauge will be used to help Google launch a new product, or develop and improve existing ones.

We have reached out to Wavii to find out more about the terms of the deal, as well as what the team will be working on at their new home.


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