Meet the 10 startups presenting today at the ER Accelerator demo day in New York

Meet the 10 startups presenting today at the ER Accelerator demo day in New York

The Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA), a NYC-born accelerator founded in Summer 2011, has just concluded its fourth demo day following 10 presentations from the 10 startups in its winter class.

Here’s what you need to know about the 10 young companies demoing today:

1. Acquaintable

Acquaintable claims it is “Bringing the Social Graph to Online Dating.” The service is taking a mixed approach to online dating, with a Tinder-like system that focuses on connecting you with friends of friends — that, perhaps, makes meeting up a bit less sketchy.

2. Cognical


Cognical offers a service for lenders, providing what they call “algorithm-based underwriting engines.” The company’s hope is that this engine will help lenders reduce loss and increase approval rates simultaneously.

3. Consignd

Screen Shot 2013-04-26 at 10.41.31 AM

Consignd provides a way for “influencers,” like popular Pinterest users and bloggers, to set up their own ecommerce site. The service competes with affiliate programs by working directly with manufacturers.

4. EasyPairings


EasyPairings has a simple goal: To make it much easier for restaurants to hire new staff quickly. In a sector with constant turnover, EasyPairings wants to help restaurants find, review and plan meetings with bartenders, waiters, hosts, bussers and more.

5. Monaeo


Monaeo wants to help companies protect themselves against tax audits, with a specialization in aligning geolocation with things like business trip expenses.

6. Startist


Currently operating in private beta, Startist wants to build a network that allows artists, including photographers and musicians, to collaborate with one another.

7. Suitey

Suitey calls itself the “brokerage of the future.” The service helps you search for apartments (NYC only for now) and work directly with agents. They’re essentially trying to upend search tools like StreetEasy and traditional brokerage firms at the same time.

8. TheSquareFoot

Also in the retail space, TheSquareFoot wants to modernize the way businesses shop for office space. The service lets users browse executive suites, industrial, retail and office spaces.

9. Trendalytics


Trendalytics helps fashion brands understand what’s trending on social media. Brands can then use that data in making decisions before they enter the manufacturing process.

10. VocalizeMobile


Vocalize Local helps small businesses update their details across online directories like Google Places, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Mapquest and YellowPages.

The ERA program

We’ve kept a close eye on ERA’s progress as one of NY’s newest accelerators. Startups in the ERA program receive a $25,000 investment, access to nearly 200 mentors and three months of free office space at the ERA office in Manhattan. In exchange, ERA takes a company stake of 8%.

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