Ex-Googlers launch venture-backed SRCH2 to speed up enterprise search

Ex-Googlers launch venture-backed SRCH2 to speed up enterprise search

SRCH2, an enterprise search startup created by Google veterans, has officially launched, while also announcing an “insider round” of founding from several venture capital firms and angel investors.

Investors include Data Collective, Redpoint’s Brad Jones, Horizen Ventures, TenOneTen Ventures, data scientist Jeffrey Ullman, Manyam Mallela, Clark Landry (co-founder of Shift.com), David Beyer (co-founder of Chartio), angel investor Andy Rankin, angel investor, and Taher Haveliwala (co-founder of Kaltix).

TenOneTen Ventures is notable as it’s the new venture firm from Applied Semantics co-founder Gil Elbaz and Spot Runner co-founder David Waxman.

SRCH2’s goal is to make enterprise search “instant”, much like Google has done for consumer Web search. Features include “instant type forward, rapid geo search, error correction, custom rankings, real time updates [and] massive scale in one framework.” The startup boasts search speeds as much as 31 times faster than Apache’s Lucene 4.1, which is used by the likes of Twitter and IBM.

“SRCH2 has reimagined search as a profit center and value driver. Advanced search is not a commodity, but rather, a crucial differentiator for best-in-class players. We’re now rewriting the playbook for how search is done — and it’s blazing fast, tolerant of misspellings and never misses a record,” CEO Dev Bhatia said.

Elbaz, whose Applied Semantics went on to become Google’s AdSense platform, and Waxman’s TenOneTen Ventures comes onto the scene with its SRCH2 investment. Waxman said in a statement that the deal is one of its first.

“We see SRCH2 as a breakthrough technology — an advanced search tool that does what other search software just can’t,” he added.

At the least, SRCH2 is bold. The startup aims to be ‘Google for Big Data’, but it will eventually find itself up against Google, which naturally also wants to be itself for the enterprise.

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