Social collaboration software company BCSocial raises $1.1m from Notion Capital

Social collaboration software company BCSocial raises $1.1m from Notion Capital

Fast-growing companies like Huddle and Teambox are slowly but surely chipping away at Microsoft SharePoint’s market share. After all, organizations are increasingly finding cloud-based collaboration software products more suited to their needs than Microsoft’s offering, but they also typically come at a lower price and with greater flexibility.

Enter BCSocial, a fledgling London startup that delivers a platform that aims to connect users within organizations big and small to everything they need and lets them access it from wherever, whenever, and any device. BCSocial workspace users can upload and share documents, search information, manage tasks and so on.

BCSocial is today announcing that it has secured £750,000 (approximately $1.1 million) in funding from Notion Capital, which it aims to use to expand in the UK and ramp up its marketing and sales efforts.

The company asserts that its collaboration software differs from others because it was designed to engage even the most ‘anti-social’ users, by allowing them to choose work style options that suit more traditional paper, email and document file work styles without losing the teamwork aspect.

Jos White, a partner at Notion Capital, had this to say:

“Social collaboration and document sharing in the workplace is a huge growing market that we had been looking at for some time.

What attracted us to BCSocial was the strength of the technology, a simple, intuitive user interface and their adaptive work views to help drive adoption.

Social collaboration is easy for people who already use Facebook and other social networks but for those used to more traditional ways of working, BCSocial will gently ease them into this new collaborative world.”

BCSocial is available to try for free but it’s not clear from the company’s website how much the solution costs per month after the trial period.

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