Screen Media unveils PopcornFlixGOLD, an Android app using Tapjoy’s ads to stream movies for free

Screen Media unveils PopcornFlixGOLD, an Android app using Tapjoy’s ads to stream movies for free ...

Screen Media Ventures, the media distribution service, has teamed with mobile advertising and monetization platform Tapjoy to launch a new version of its PopcornFlix app. Called PopcornFlixGOLD, the service brings the feature film movie streaming platform to Android devices, utilizing incentivized ads to make more than 400 movies available for free.

A competitor to Netflix and HuluPlus, PopcornFlix is an ad-supported service with films featuring stars like Kirsten Stewart, Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, and Olivia Wilde. The Gold edition allows users to watch (for example, School of LifeThe Cake Eaters, and others) while users can watch hundreds of movies for free. It is supported through the use of in-app advertising powered by the Tapjoy Marketplace. With “FlixPoints”, users can participate in ads they find relevant to redeem prizes.


Gary Delfiner, President of Screen Media Digital and the creator of PopcornFlix, tells us that the introduction of this app is the first time feature films could be watched on mobile devices continuously without any interruptions. He says that this, along with the use of FlixPoints is something used by gaming companies, but not for movies.

With the virtual rewards, users can choose advertisements that they wish to engage with and upon completion, they will receive FlixPoints.  The ads shown will vary but Delfiner says that it could include Liking a brand on Facebook, watching a short video advertisement, signing up for a service, or anything else — the amount of points earned will vary based on the ad.


Tapjoy is working with more than 60 advertisers that rank in AdAge’s Top 100 Brand Advertisers, including brands like Samsung, GMC, Progressive, and Conair. Users of PopcornFlixGOLD will be served these ads in a manner similar to what they experience when using Hulu or other video services.

App users can search for movies by genre, actor, or director while also looking at new arrivals. While it is starting out with at least 400 movies, Screen Media Ventures says an additional 30 to 40 movies will be added each month.

Delfiner says that if the app does well, it could be brought to other platforms, including iOS.

The partnership with Screen Media Ventures gives Tapjoy more device reach. Last December, the ad platform company announced that it had passed the 1 billion device milestone. Interestingly enough, with 75 percent of Tapjoy’s monthly active users coming from outside the United States, it gives Screen Media Ventures potentially a new audience for Hollywood movies.

PopcornFlixGOLD for Google Play

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