Minicab booking service Kabbee teams up with Cordic to improve pick-up times across London

Minicab booking service Kabbee teams up with Cordic to improve pick-up times across London

Kabbee, a price comparison service for private minicabs in London, has partnered with Cordic today in order to add location-based data to the software used by its network of drivers.

Passengers who book a journey through the Kabbee website, iOS or Android app will now have their position automatically “dropped” into the despatch software used by minicab companies.

The information will then be forwarded to the GPS system used by the closest available driver, side-stepping the need to manually type in an address or look for a pick-up location by sight.


It’s a feature which, in all honesty, should have been integrated into Kabbee before now. The partnership with Cordic will also enable passengers to track the minicab’s movements as it makes its way to their destination.

There’s no shortage of private car hire services available in London, so Kabbee has its work cut out. Uber launched in London last June and has recently launched apps for BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices, redesigning its Android iteration along the way.

Hailo is also gaining momentum, although at the moment it’s only available in 11 cities; a far cry from Uber’s staggering coverage. Throw in GetTaxi, another mobile taxi app available on iOS, Android and BlackBerry, and suddenly Kabbee has a lot of ground to make up.

Fortunately, Kabbee updated its iOS app recently with a raft of improvements to make its booking experience quicker and easier. Entering an address is far simpler, as the app will automatically suggest airports and train stations in London.


The list also includes contact names; tapping one of these will search for the address listed in your address book, which is very useful for house parties and the like.

Where Kabbee really succeeds, however, is in its ability to offer quotes for different minicab services operating in the city. Once the parameters of the journey have been set, the app instantly displays the number of different companies that can complete the journey, as well as the cheapest price and the closest car.

Before users complete the transaction, the app will also show how much money they will save based on the standard rate of a black cab in the city. It’s a nice touch and emphasizes Kabbee prowess in regards to pricing.

Launched in June 2011, Kabbee lists over 60 minicab companies and raised £3.25 million ($4.95 million USD) in funding last October to expand its service across the UK.

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