Twilio adds new permission-based Multi-user project management system to its platform

Twilio adds new permission-based Multi-user project management system to its platform

On Tuesday, Twilio announced the creation of a permission-based system to help manage multiple users. Multi-user is geared towards helping companies segment roles based on which team member has access to what data within the Twilio account. What’s more, it’s also another step the telecommunications-focused company is taking towards the enterprise.

Twilio says Multi-user lets anyone invite other people into their projects and give them specific permissions in order to protect the data and the progress. With Administrators, those team members have access to everything in the account. Developers can work with the API, logs, number management, and even developer tools on Twilio. Billing managers are those individuals who handle the financial side of things, specifically monitoring usage, adding funds, managing credit cards, and downloading receipts.

Twilio User - Account Users

Multi-user has been added to all accounts today. To get started, log into your Account Portal and visit the “Manage Users” option under “Account Settings.” From here, add the team member’s email address assigned to their Twilio account and they will be given the rights you have afforded them.

With Twilio catering more towards to the enterprise, implementing user rights and permissions will be incredibly important as it will ensure that developers and administrators won’t inadvertently or maliciously cause damage to the firm’s account or projects. It seems that when dealing with smaller companies and teams, having rights management just wasn’t high on its priority — naturally when you’re going to work with more established companies, having these security measures in place is important to be accepted.

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