Gnip adds Instagram, Reddit, and Bitly to its enterprise social media data service

Gnip adds Instagram, Reddit, and Bitly to its enterprise social media data service

Today Gnip announced that it has added API access to six new social services’ information to its ‘Enterprise Data Collector’ tool. The added services: Stack Overflow, Panaramio, Plurk, Reddit, Instagram, and Bitly.

Large companies and social media monitoring services need access to various social services’ data, but managing those relationships can be difficult. This has created a market for Gnip, a company that has built partnerships with the large majority of social services, providing API access to their data with third-party companies.

In some cases, as with today’s six new APIs, the company is working with data that is publicly available.

Gnip has one key deal that is thus far exclusive: access to Twitter’s complete archive, dating back to March of 2006. When that deal was announced, its access placed Gnip ahead of Datasift, one of its chief competitors.

What Gnip sells – access to data from nearly every social service you can name – others are buying. TNW reported in December of 2012, the company was shipping 100 billion social updates monthly to its customers, and that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use its products in one way or another.

Today’s addition of six new data sources, and the update that Gnip will provide “enhanced” geodata support for both YouTube and Flickr data are wins for the firm. Instagram and Reddit each alone would have been strong pickups.

Much focus is often laid on companies that work with social data, or provide services based on it, such as Sprout Social. And often too little attention is paid to DataSift and Gnip, who between the two of them undergird much of the commercial tools that allow for companies to keep any sort of handle on how they are viewed in the public eye.

Top Image Credit: Andreas Eldh

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