Sosh expands to New York, helping you discover the best things to do nearby

Sosh expands to New York, helping you discover the best things to do nearby

Sosh, a San Francisco-based service which surfaces the highest quality activities and events nearby, has just launched in New York — its second city.

Sosh’s iPhone app and site highlight the best things to do nearby, including the top dishes, cocktails, date ideas, concerts, classes and more. Focusing entirely on things to do and not places to go, the service differs from sites like Yelp which largely operate as venue directories.

After testing it first-hand in New York, we found the experience was smoother through the service’s iPhone app than online — the latter somehow set us as a San Francisco native after visiting the settings page and made it difficult to adjust. Other quirks like not being able to rename the default collections were frustrating, but not deal-breakers.

Sosh isn’t alone in its activity-driven methods. How About We and GroupMe Experiences, for example, function similarly, but are in the game for different reasons — Sosh doesn’t sell anything and doesn’t pre-purchase packages; it’s simply about the discovery. You won’t find daily deals here.

The company may be new to New York, but its team of former Googlers appear to have done insanely well in its first city; apparently 1 in 8 adults between the ages of 21 and 40 (in San Francisco, of course) are members of Sosh. These are impressive stats, to be sure, and now the service is ready to leave a mark on New York before venturing into Chicago, Boston and LA.

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Photography by Emma Weber

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