AT&T announces that it will commence supporting HD Voice later this year

AT&T announces that it will commence supporting HD Voice later this year

Good news, AT&T customers: The carrier will commence supporting HD Voice later this year. The company announced the news at the VentureBeat Mobile Summit that kicked off today.

According to AllThingsD, who broke the news, the release of HD Voice is a component of its larger LTE plans; as it moves to send voice calls over its LTE network, it appears that it will also boost their fidelity.

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T-Mobile promised to support HD Voice as well, as TNW reported in January:

[T-Mobile is] the first wireless operator in the US to add nationwide HD Voice to its network, and it has also turned on iPhone-compatible 4G service in the 1900 MHz spectrum in new areas, including Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego and Virginia Beach.

As noted at the time, HD Voice only works when both parties are using handsets that can support the capability. In short, the rollout of HD Voice, even on carriers that support it, will take time. Even on handsets that can use the standard, work remains to be done.

However, in the future you can look forward to improved call quality, which is something that we will all enjoy.

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