Clarity launches its first eBook, with startup advice penned by Dave McClure, Biz Stone, and others

Clarity launches its first eBook, with startup advice penned by Dave McClure, Biz Stone, and others

Clarity, the service that helps struggling entrepreneurs connect with thought leaders and experts to get advice, has published its first eBook on the subject. Called Get More Clarity: Straight Up Startup Advice from Experienced Entrepreneurs, this free book features thoughts and advice across a wide range of subjects including innovation, leadership, product development, public relations, and more.

Snap 2013-04-02 at 01.22.13Organized by Clarity CEO and founder Dan Martell, this free eBook was composed with the advice from entrepreneurs from around the world. It features more than 100 pieces of startup advice from renowned and experienced entrepreneurs such as Dave McClure, Biz Stone, Jeffrey Zeldman, Laura Fitton, Andrew Cross, Cass Phillipps, David Hassell, Lewis Howes, and others.

Martell says that this book can serve as a great resource to those trying to launch their own company because it include tips from the people who have been there and done exactly what the entrepreneur is trying to do now — something that has become one of the driving forces for Clarity. In a sense, the insights one could gleam from this 40+ page book might be more like “if these entrepreneurs and well-regarded individuals could look at what they did in retrospect, what would they change?”

Readers will find that there are 14 categories that are explored in Get More Clarity, including how to deal with customer acquisition, entrepreneurship, design, innovation, marketing, networking, product development, team building, venture capital, and public relations. The format is easy-to-read as it is filled entirely with quotes, not lengthy paragraphs one would typically expect in a book.

Clarity is a tool for business owners to get in contact with advisers on the fly to help solve those hard-pressing questions every entrepreneur and founder faces. Through the use of its mobile apps, a founder can schedule a call with someone like Lean Startups’ Eric Ries, Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank judge Mark Cuban, Greylock Ventures’ Josh Elman, or anybody who chooses to participate. If you have some insights to offer startups, you too could create your own Clarity account and be contacted.

At the end of 2012, the company said that it has helped facilitate more than 12,000 calls from across 47 different countries — all since it launched in May 2012. Martell has a rather ambitious goal of helping 10 million people by 2022 and obviously has a long way to go. But in the meantime, the company has raised $1.6 million in funds from Baseline Ventures, Freestyle Capital, Cuban, Real Ventures, Version One Ventures, 500 Startups, Venture 51, Ariel Poler, Howard Lindzon, Gerry Pond, and Haroon Mokhtarzada.

Get More Clarity: Straight Up Startup Advice From Experienced Entrepreneurs

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