Ex-Windows Phone vet Charlie Kindel has landed at Amazon to work on ‘something secret’

Ex-Windows Phone vet Charlie Kindel has landed at Amazon to work on ‘something secret’

Charlie Kindel, an ex-Windows Phone boss, has found a new home at Amazon. All he has stated publicly about the matter is that his current project is “something secret,” and that he is “hiring cloud and mobile developers and testers, program managers, and product managers.”

GeekWire, who brought the news to our attention, has confirmed the news with Kindel, who separately made a April Fool’s joke. His move to Amazon, however, isn’t a farce.

Kindel became known to many for his work on the Windows Phone 7 project, as it was then called. In his departure, he claimed that he was leaving to start a company, which resulted in BizLogr. Whatever his intention was, he’s now at Amazon. TNW reached out for confirmation as well, and will update this post when we are told what we already know.

Amazon and Microsoft are close geographically, leading to the firm swapping talent on the occasion. Sometimes under the effects of porcine persuasion.

Kindel was followed out the Windows Phone door by Matt Bencke, another departure that caused waves. Its a hunch, but I suspect the timing of their departures could have been close due to Windows Phone’s internal development schedules; it could be that the move to Windows Phone 8 was the point that they vacated their posts.

Whatever the case, what Kindel is up to isn’t clear, and Amazon is a diverse enough company that his hiring of “cloud of mobile developers” could mean everything or nothing.

Top Image Credit: David Herrera

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