DataRPM raises $250,000 as it launches a natural language data service for businesses

DataRPM raises $250,000 as it launches a natural language data service for businesses

Business intelligence startup DataRPM has launched Instant Answers, a new service that provides companies with natural language data searches. The company has also announced a $250,000 round of angel investment.

The startup was created early last year by three experienced entrepreneurs looking to tackle the ‘Big Data’ space. Co-founder Ruban Phukan worked on Yahoo’s original data science team (the Strategic Data Research Group), and Shyamantak Gautam previously served as a technologist at IBM. A third co-founder, Sundeep Sanghavi, was one of the founders of Razorsight.

DataRPM’s goal is to make data analysis easy, allowing management to grasp the system without needing a technical background. Instant Answers is billed as a business intelligence tool that lets companies analyze their data “as easily as you would ask a question and search on Google.”

According to the company, the product will index a company’s data once linked up with the source, and then offer real-time answers and visualizations to text or voice questions.

Sanghavi touted Instant Answers as providing the “holy grail” of business intelligence because it connects with any data sources, understands questions, and provides instantaneous responses. The product also integrates with pre-existing data solutions and works either in the cloud or on-premise. DataRPM’s existing customers include: Avectra, 3Pillar Global, CapitalVia, Sigma Theta Tau International, Broad Data Services.

DataRPM is setting expectations high for Instant Answers. If it lives up to them, the service could revolutionize the way companies interact with their data, but it’s up to the individual customers to decide whether the startup can live up to its lofty promises.

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