Kontagent gives mobile app makers the tools to track and increase the lifetime value of a user

Kontagent gives mobile app makers the tools to track and increase the lifetime value of a user

Kontagent, a company that provides enterprise-level mobile in-app analytics to companies that build and distribute mobile applications, today announced two new features to its platform that should allow companies to better segment their user base and track revenue per user over individual accounts.

The new capabilities allow for the following: user groups can now be split based upon their initial actions.

This way, companies can delineate between users of one stripe and the next – those that joined at a certain date, or made their first purchase at ‘x’ point – to allow them to be compared. Users can be stacked in relative order; want to know which group are the most valuable? Cohort Explorer, the painfully named commercial title of the new feature, will help you to compare different tranches of users in order to trace the most profitable.

Just as Cohort is built to help slice different user groups, the goal of ‘Revenue Analysis’ is to allow any app creator to trace the lifetime value (LTV) of users; once you know what certain accounts will spend in their career in your application, you can better tailor your marketing spend.

Combined, the new capabilities of Kontagent will help its enterprise users tune their marketing spends to different user groups. Also, it will assist better tracking of the LTV across different user blocs based on their financial value. One user group may not have even half the value of another. If you know this, you can spend more judiciously on different campaigns.

Naturally, this better applies to apps that have greater staying power than pop games; applications that are short term hits are not to be as valued as apps that might be used for years, and not weeks. Kontagent’s focus on enterprise-level companies and their products is therefore fitting.

No one will invest in an OMGpop-appp style metrics if the key apps are apt to lose half their users in the next 6 months. However, the company that vends a product that sells something which doesn’t depend on short-term cash flow may wish to learn more about their core userbase, so that they can better derive revenue from long-term user groups.

The app market has never been more competitive, and it is likely to become all the more so as the marketplace becomes more noisy.

Kontagent isn’t cheap, for the small provider. However, if you lean on your mobile apps as a larger brand, knowing more about who depends on your on-the-go apps might allow you to better spend and improve your ROI.

The mobile landscape, akin to the social media world, is as the Internet was described in the ’90s: much like sex in high school, most folks you think aren’t doing it, and those who are, are doing it poorly. To be able to better execute and drive more dollars is a key performance metric.

Kontagent, which has integration tools that are less than byzantine, is betting that by providing better metrics, large companies’ apps can drive monetary value. Worried about what to do with the data? Kontagent has data scientists on staff to help cut the chaff from the wheat.

If you have the budget, Kontagent can help you ferret out the data. It’s up the brand to do the work, but if they want the numbers, this might be the solution.

Top Image Credit: Cristiano Betta / Flickr

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