DeveloperAuction closes $2.7M round led by NEA and Sierra, to help companies find top technical talent

DeveloperAuction closes $2.7M round led by NEA and Sierra, to help companies find top technical talent ...

At the F.ounders conference in New York today, DeveloperAuction revealed it has closed a $2.7m first round of funding, led by NEA and Sierra Ventures, with participation from Google Ventures, Crosslink Capital, Jeff Clavier’s SoftTech VC, and John Suliman.

Just to recap, DeveloperAuction was founded by Matt Mickiewicz, the same guy who co-founded 99designs, Flippa and SitePoint; Douglas Feirstein, who previously founded LiveOps; and serial entrepreneur Allan Grant.

The basic underlying premise to DeveloperAuction is this – to help companies recruit top developers. Indeed, Mickiewicz has previously written for TNW about the future of recruiting in the technology industry, a place he feels DevelopAuction will find its niche. “The most common tactic for recruiters is spamming LinkedIn and it’s not unusual for a Silicon Valley engineer to receive 30-50 unsolicited and off-base LinkedIn messages a month from recruiters,” explains Mickiewicz. “It is a waste of time and resources for all parties involved and we are providing a better way that has already attracted the attention of thousands of engineers from top companies.”

How it works

Developers who are looking to head for pastures new apply through DeveloperAuction to join a selection of 150 candidates. Then, during a two-week auction period, venture-backed companies submit interview requests to candidates, along with information about the company and culture, founding team and compensation information. Engineers pick the companies that interest them, then things progress from there.

At the time of writing, DeveloperAuction claims it has seen “$225 million in job offers” pass through its virtual doors, though that figure doesn’t really say too much about the traction the platform has had in terms of number of users. However, with an extra $2.7m in its coffers, DeveloperAuction will now be looking to ramp up its service to help marry coders with companies.

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