Mobile stickiness: Appoxee’s new software helps app developers better engage with users

Mobile stickiness: Appoxee’s new software helps app developers better engage with users

Tel Aviv-based Appoxee assists iOS and Android application developers in engaging directly with their users to keep them interested in, and regularly coming back, to their smartphone apps.

It’s struck a chord with developers: Appoxee, founded in 2010, already claims hundreds of millions of app installations, thousands of SDK downloads, and billions of push notifications sent to end users thus far.

In a few days, the company plans to release a new version of its engagement platform in beta, giving app developers and publishers more ways to reach out to users in an automated and personalized way.


Essentially, Appoxee is providing app makers with tools to increase the ‘lifecycle’ of an app as well as a user’s lifetime value, hopefully boosting revenue and usage numbers in the process.

Primarily built for large publishers, brands and digital ad agencies, the new Appoxee software suite offers features like marketing campaign level management, goal setting, advanced tracking, message scheduling and improved segmentation and message targeting based on behavioral data, device attributes or other parameters.

In addition, Appoxee now comes with a cross-platform preview simulator, which allows its customers to test-drive and customize rich-media messages for a slew of smartphones and operating systems.

You can find out more about the new Appoxee software in this presentation deck on Slideshare or simply sign up for free here.


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