Quora introduces new blog to highlight topical and newsworthy content

Quora introduces new blog to highlight topical and newsworthy content

Social Q&A site Quora is introducing a new blog — Quora Spotlight — to highlight the wealth of content within its busy community and provide context to topical news.

The blog will “include timely curated Quora collections, guest contributions, and trending questions, answers, and posts,” writes Alex Wu of the company’s marketing team.

While we wouldn’t ordinarily get excited about a new company blog, Quora is different in that the richness of its community can sometimes get lost among the sheer volume of information on the service.

The move matches Quora’s recent plays to expose its content to more audiences and in more contextual settings. Having embraced reviews, introduced blogs for users and even made its top answers into a book, it is aiming to highlight noteworthy content that provides intelligence to current news themes.

The blog’s first post showcases ten questions about the election of the new pope. That includes an explanation of how the pope got his name, and an interesting look at whether there have ever been any black popes (disclaimer: possibly, but we can’t be sure).

Those that are not members of Quora, or do not want to sign in via Google or Facebook, will be faced with the usual limit that lets them view just one answer per question. Whether or not that bothers new visitors is unclear, but the new blog is sure to appeal to Quora regulars seeking another way to discover information.

Earlier this year the company responded to criticism by providing a slightly relaxed set of ways to view content without being a member, but it emphasized that its content wall is to promote sign-ups not generate cash.

You can find the new site at spotlight.quora.com. You can follow along on Quora or via RSS feeds, if you prefer.

Headline image via jluster / Flickr

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