Hojoki adds task management tools to its newsfeed for enterprise cloud apps

Hojoki adds task management tools to its newsfeed for enterprise cloud apps

Hojoki, a productivity tool that helps teams manage their work and collaborate through multiple cloud-based apps such as Dropbox, Evernote and Google Calendar, has added a task management feature today that can be used in conjunction with any of its supported services.

Hojoki already provides users with updates, revisions, new files and comments in a single feed for more than 30 Web apps and tools. The idea is that instead of keeping all of these services open, either as separate tabs or desktop applications, the user can oversee their projects from a single place online.

That might sound a little like JoliDrive or Attachments Everywhere, but the key differentiator here is that it’s aimed specifically at teams of designers and developers. With Hojoki, group messaging is always at the fore and integrates with the platform’s unified news feed, making it easier to keep track of what everyone else is doing.

With today’s update, it’s possible to create tasks for any content linked to an integrated app and then assign it to another member of the team. A multimedia project stored in Dropbox, or a simple word document shared through Google Drive are just two examples of how specific files could be linked to a task by team leader or colleague.


Hojoki has also improved some of its workspace features today, which allows users to group together content from different cloud-based apps, and then manage who they’re shared with on the team.

It’s also possible to set up shared alerts – either via email or push notifications through its iOS and Android apps – for specific types of activity, keeping everyone in the loop.

Hojoki has a free tier, which offers unlimited connected apps and workspaces, as well as an unlimited number of guests who can read files stored in any given workspace.

The caveat is that the free package only supports five team members with both read and write permissions. To open that up to an unlimited number of colleagues, you’ll need the Premium package, which is free until 15 April but usually costs $5 per month.

Hojoki revealed last November that it had raised a “seven-figure sum” to fund further development of its service, although it was never specified exactly how much that was or who it was secured from.

Nevertheless, it also introduced synchronized commenting, which allows colleagues to comment on a post from one app – take Basecamp for example – directly from the Hojoki dashboard, but also have it replicated on Basecamp itself.

It follows the rollout of Facebook-style discussion threads last August, as well as a new mobile app in April.

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