Task marketplace Mila raises $3.2 million to become the ‘TaskRabbit of Europe’

Task marketplace Mila raises $3.2 million to become the ‘TaskRabbit of Europe’

Mila, a spin-off from Swiss cloud software company coresystems, has raised just south of 2.5 million euros (approximately $3.2 million) in its first round of funding.

The financing round was led by a group of private Swiss and German technology investors, including former SAP exec Peter Zencke and ex-Swisscom Mobile CEO Adrian Bult.

Based out of Zurich, Mila aims to offer a Web-based and mobile-optimized location-based marketplace for small tasks and errands, such as picking up groceries, assembling IKEA furniture and whatnot.

It isn’t unlike the service provided by the likes of US companies TaskRabbit, Exec and Zaarly, and, closer to Mila’s home, TaskPandas, Sorted and pre-pivot Milk.ly.


Mila CEO Manuel Grenacher is poised to make waves across Europe before the aforementioned companies, and primarily those from the United States, start gaining traction continent-wide:

“We believe that there should be an easy, convenient way for friendly people in their local communities to help each other get more done. With Mila, you can now connect with people around you offering services, or you can earn extra cash by offering your own services or time to those in your neighborhood.”

But the company’s ambitions go beyond Europe. Indeed, Mila is currently available around the world, including in places like Indonesia and China.

Mila is available on the Web today, but the company expects to have its smartphone apps for iOS and Android ready by the end of this month.


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