Fundable: Workable makes it easier for companies to hire, closes $780k round

Fundable: Workable makes it easier for companies to hire, closes $780k round

Workable, a Greece-based startup that provides online hiring tools to help companies recruit new employees more efficiently, has secured 600,000 euros (roughly $780,000) in seed funding led by Openfund.

Workable offers cloud-based applicant tracking software that enables users to collect, review and hire people based on their online presence rather than good-old resumés.


Workable CEO Nikos Moraitakis explains:

“We pull together context from candidates’ social media footprint, information about past employers, education and skills and deliver it in a form that’s easy to review and decide on.

It’s no longer about the impression the candidate wants to make with their resume, it’s about the information the company needs to make the right hiring choice.”

Better start combing through your Facebook albums to erase any evidence of that drunken night at the local karaoke bar.

Billed as an applicant management, screening and collaboration tool “designed for a world of contextual candidate profiles, natural workflow and online communication” between the candidate and the hiring team, Workable offers a well-designed product that meets a growing need.

They are, however, operating in an intensely saturated space.

You can try it now here (requires LinkedIn authorization).

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