Incrediblue, an ‘Airbnb for boats’, sets sail and lands $130,000 in sea-d funding

Incrediblue, an ‘Airbnb for boats’, sets sail and lands $130,000 in sea-d funding

Two months after its beta launch, Greece-based incrediblue, a booking service connecting boat owners with potential renters is today announcing its official release to the world.

In addition, the startup is ‘announcing’ that it’s raised a 100,000 euro (roughly $130,000) seed round of funding from early-stage VC Openfund.

Incrediblue, described by some as an ‘Airbnb for boats’, won the startup competition at the most recent How To Web conference in Bucharest, Romania, which led to quite some interest from investors.

The company currently lists 200 boats in 35 locations, with rental fees ranging from 25 euros to 1.000 euros per person per day, and claims its fleet is growing rapidly.

Incrediblue basically lets guests connect directly to sailboat and yacht owners, review boat profiles with real photos and make bookings online.

Boat owners can register their boats for free and use incrediblue’s platform to manage their prices and bookings. Incrediblue takes a 15 percent cut on confirmed bookings to make money.

Incrediblue founder Antonios Florakis says:

“Most people perceive boat-related activities as a luxury. Incrediblue is on a mission to empower everyone to enjoy unique, safe and memorable sea related experiences, anywhere in the world”.

He didn’t say raising funding was a wet dream, unfortunately.

Similar marketplaces include Qraft, Boatbound and GetMyBoat.

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