Nintendo confirms Wii Mini coming to the UK on March 22

Nintendo confirms Wii Mini coming to the UK on March 22

Nintendo has confirmed that it will expand availability of the Wii Mini, putting the first-generation Wii console on sale in the UK on March 22.

Launching in Canada in December last year for $99, the Wii Mini doesn’t yet have a price in the UK, but we expect retailers to confirm whether they will be stocking the Mini and a dedicated price in the coming days.

At $99 (£65), you would hope that Nintendo will price the Mini to match the Canadian price. However, it remains to be seen what Nintendo has planned.

If Nintendo’s next-generation Wii U doesn’t impress and you are looking for something with a larger game catalog (and lower price), you do need to bear in mind that the console doesn’t have Wi-Fi or ethernet USB support, nor does it offer 480p component functionality. It will play all original games and support most accessories.

Nintendo has said that it will also add Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis and Super Paper Mario to its budget Nintendo Selects software collection to celebrate the launch.

Image Credit: popculturegeek/Flickr


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