Founded by ex-Layar CEO, newly-launched Vinson aims to tear down the barriers around mobile TV

Founded by ex-Layar CEO, newly-launched Vinson aims to tear down the barriers around mobile TV

Vinson TV, a startup created by Layar founder and ex-CEO Raimo Van der Klein and others, has launched a new service aimed at disrupting the mobile TV industry and making it easier than ever before to bring a quality broadcast experience to devices.

Vinson CEO Michael Plein explains that he was “not satisfied” with current mobile TV solutions, which he says are “simply not good enough”. Instead, the company offers its own app and a white label solution — which allows companies to build their own versions of the Vinson app without any license fees — designed to simplify the process for broadcasters, content aggregators and distributors.

In particular, Vinson points out that mobile TV solutions require customized processes which make costs high. While equally they are often developed with legacy which can make it difficult to develop a quality user experience on mobile when designs become easily out-dated. For example, many older creations do not support swiping and touch gestures.

To combat that, Vinson offers a cloud-based platform that it is simple to integrate. The company says it can be a turnkey solutions while also catering for those that have their own infrastructure or expertise in-house. Equally the team has used its know-how and two years of product develop to chisel in a series of features that it says “will make this the most superior Mobile TV platform in the world”.

The service charges based on a freemium model and already it is seeing success since its first customer — Stievie: a joint venture of all of Belgium’s broadcasters — is number one in the App Store in the country.

“They used the Vinson solution to bring a TV app to market without the need for a cable distributor, that’s pretty disruptive,” Van der Klein tells TNW.

“The reactions of both end users and industry have been overwhelming and motivated us. We created this platform as we were not satisfied with the current business environment and felt that the current mobile TV client simply not good enough.  Mobile clients just didn’t work well and the were just not affordable for many broadcasters and distributors,” Plein adds.

Vinson: App Store

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