Tradeshift adds support for accounting services Sage and Kashflow, helping businesses get paid

Tradeshift adds support for accounting services Sage and Kashflow, helping businesses get paid

Tradeshift, the online business management platform, has followed up on its deal with Intuit-owned QuickBooks last month with the announcement of a partnership with Sage and Kashflow, two accounting systems that are popular in the UK.

The company says its Tradeshift Apps platform now includes the two services, allowing Tradeshift’s 150,000 plus customers — which include the UK’s National Health Service and wind turbine manufacturer Vestas Wind Systems — to manage their payments from partners through the system centrally. The services have also integrated with TradeShift’s own e-invoicing product.

Among its features, the Apps products alert users to invoices that are accepted or paid out, while it is also possible to add comments to a document. That latter feature operates in much the same way that you would respond to friends on Facebook, and it also includes a news stream — another Facebook-like feature — to ensure that users don’t miss out on important updates.

All in all, the platform is designed to give businesses “more time to get on with the work that matters,” says Christian Lanng, Tradeshift CEO and co-founder.

In addition to Sage, Kashflow and Intuit, Tradeshift Apps has support for a range of services, including PayPal and a bevvy of others that allow businesses to run recurring invoices, visualisation tools, quotes, POs and more. The application platform is open to developers, who are invited to build apps and services that help companies better manage their time, and run things more efficiently.

Lanng says that the apps platform is “growing fast”, telling developers: “You are the future of Tradeshift and we can’t wait to see what we can build together”.

Tradeshift was founded in Denmark before relocating its head office to San Francisco. The basic service is free for small businesses and is also available as a paid-for enterprise service.

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