Uber goes enterprise with new Perks program, helping companies keep their employees on the move

Uber goes enterprise with new Perks program, helping companies keep their employees on the move

Uber, the popular on-demand car service has announced ‘Perks,’ a program that will allow companies to grant credits for the service to their employees on a monthly basis. The amount that is sent to their accounts can vary, from as little as $20 to the hundreds.

According to the company, it has given this exact service to its employees for some time, calling it the “best perk” offered to its workers. I can confirm that riding Uber for free is by far the best way to zip around your city.

As Uber has expanded its car service to include SUVs, taxis, and hybrid cars that make up its UberX fleet, the company has created a product that can fit any travel budget. In short, what was once a luxury-on-demand service, is now a transportation-on-demand service, with a strong high-end component. That fact makes turning Uber from a single-user system, into an enterprise-friendly perk, quite senseical; Uber is more than a way to flash about your city, it’s how you get to everything from a meeting to, yes, a night club.

Interestingly, Uber credits expire at the end of every month, meaning that if you don’t get out and go, you are simply burning your company’s funds. That aside, employees can use their extant Uber accounts, saving time and preventing confusion.

It’s not hard to guess that the new Perks product will be popular among startups in both New York City and San Francisco. However, how wide an adoption it can find in the smaller markets where the servicee operates will be quite interesting.

I’ve been advocating that Lyft build something like this for some time. Here’s to hoping that TNW Corporate has a thing for Uber.

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