Samsung now selling three TVs every second, helping in its bid to dominate consumer households

Samsung now selling three TVs every second, helping in its bid to dominate consumer households

Technology giant Samsung has revealed at an event in Monaco today that it now sells three television sets every second.

Let that sink in for a moment. Three television sets. Every second. That works out at 180 per minute, 10,800 per hour, 259,200 per day or, roughly, 7.78 million every month.

The staggering figure was uttered by the company’s president, BK Yoon, at the Samsung EU Forum (specifically the home appliances press conference) in Monte Carlo, and picked up by a reporter from TechRadar.

“Three Samsung TVs are sold every second,” said Yoon. “And in 2012 we made $184 billion in sales. We invest $9 billion every year in research and development to develop the next big products.”

As a casual observer, it’s easy to think of the television market as being in a bit of a rut right now. Full high-definition television sets have been available for years, but it’s been a rather slow, lumbering process to try to convert the public from standard definition in their living rooms.

New functionality and user interfaces, such as Samsung’s new ‘Smart Hub’ announced at CES 2013, still look, well, not always that smart and 3D technology hasn’t quite taken off as hardware manufacturers would have liked in the last couple of years.

The last couple of CES shows in Las Vegas have pushed 4k television sets – a new display resolution with an even greater pixel density than 1080p – but without the content to take advantage of it, or even the bandwidth infrastructure to support it, a widespread switchover still seems a little far off for now.

Yet despite all of that doom and gloom, Samsung is still selling new television sets. A lot of them actually, if that figure by BK Yoon is by any means accurate and not just a generalized statistic.

What would be really interesting though is to find out the breakdown of exactly what types of television sets are flying off the shelves – there is undoubtedly a long-term trend towards larger screen sizes, emphasized by the company’s announcement of new 60+ inch TVs at CES, but perhaps other features are in play here.

Something is working for Samsung though, and this is further evidence that their TV sales are far from stagnating at the moment.

Image Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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