nFluence Media gets an extra $1.6m from existing investors for its ‘opt-in interest graph’ tech

nFluence Media gets an extra $1.6m from existing investors for its ‘opt-in interest graph’ ...

nFluence Media, a startup that offers technology allowing users to create a graph of their interests in 30 seconds, so that content can be recommended to them, has raised an additional $1.6 million from the same investors it received $3 million from one year ago.

nFluence’s method, supposedly more effective at targeting than via activity tracking methods, ‘gamifies’ the process of sharing interests with advertisers, marketers and publishers. A user can simply move 40 brands on the screen up or down depending on their opinion of each. While that admittedly doesn’t sound like much of a game, once the task is complete nFluence can generate a “600 dimension deep consumer interest graph along with an 84 dimension deep demographic profile,” called an ‘Advertar’.

Since launching a showcase iOS app last year aimed at the daily deals market, called DealBoard, which the company says saw “very high response rates,” nFluence has been testing its technology with large subscription businesses and now has interest from companies including supermarkets, mobile carriers, credit card issuers and TV networks.

Last year, TechCrunch reported that its $3 million round was led by Voyager Capital, with contributions from 17 angel investors from the Alliance of Angels.

nFluence Media was founded in Seattle in 2011 and has since opened an office in London, UK. The new round, announced in a press release emailed to us, will give the company the money to launch its first major deployments and keep it going until its next major round.

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